CareerWise Colorado Comes to District 51

Program designed to prepare students better for workforce comes to Mesa County

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - First comes school, then comes the workforce; but CareerWise Colorado is integrating the two.


"What's unique about this model is it's giving kids the opportunity to connect with their learning in the classroom with theory with the practice in an industry or career path of their choice," says CEO, Noel Ginsburg.


Beginning this Fall, District 51 students can be a part of the program that's sweeping the state.


"This is one extra avenue for someone to test out their career interests and apply them and just really get prepared so they can graduate ready to work or ready to go to college," says Emily Shockley with District 51. 


CareerWise is aiming to give students a real look into the realities of a workforce environment.


"What that has a tendency to do is really connect kids at an early age with what they care about," says Ginsburg. "When a student completes a CareerWise apprenticeship, their qualifying for and actually have a position that pays a middle class wage."


So with it's students ready for the workforce, CareerWise sees a change in the economy coming Mesa County's way.


"Grand Junction becomes known as a best place to site a business because of the quality of your workforce," says Ginsburg. "It serves two purposes, it grows your economy and I think equally if not more importantly, it provides great jobs and great opportunities."

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