Delta Students Win 'Solve For Tomorrow' Contest

Local students create sound proof system winning Samsung Solve for Tomorrow

DELTA, Colo. - Many don't think a piece of cardboard can be used for more than a simple box, but a group of Delta High School students are coming up with a new use.


Using if for sound proofing is usually not the first thought, but these students are giving it a try.

"We're compression 2 inches of cardboard down into an inch or an inch and a half so that it's heavier," says senior, Elizabeth Ward. "It's still holding the structural integrity of the bounciness in between, but it's heavier so it will absorb better."


Just a few weeks ago these junior and senior student's began to look at community problems and then came up with ways to solve them.


"These kids came back with 300 hundreds problems that they had identified," says teacher, Ben Magtutu. "They narrowed those problems down to three that they thought were possible."


The project landed on was to help elementary students with sensory overload by building sound proof panels to be placed in their cafeteria. 


"There is excess sound in Lincoln elementary, and so basically their cafeteria is in a cement box," says Ward. "Even if every kid during lunch was whispering it would still be too loud."


After working everyday, Delta High School's project was named the 'Samsung Solve for Tomorrow' Colorado state winner.


Students have already won $25,000 for technology at their school, and now they head to the national contest where they could win $125,000 more for their school.


You can support their project by heading to


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