14-Year-Old Boy Rushed to Hospital after Accidental Self-Inflicted Gun Wound

The Boy's Condition is Still Unknown at this Time

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Early Monday morning at 2:36 a.m., emergency personnel was dispatched to a home on the 2800 block of Hill Avenue after a 14-year-old male teenager accidentally shot himself in the abdomen.

"We don't have any update on his medical condition at this time. We are continuing to investigate. Obviously, it's a very active and ongoing investigation", says Heidi Davidson, the Public Information Officer for the GJPD. 

"It's a protocol that GJPD or local law enforcement agency will investigate thoroughly to make sure we have all of the information", says Davidson.

Upon examining the service report from 2017, a total of 11 calls were made due to a variety of incidents including assault, removal from the property, and drug-related charges.

We spoke with neighbors in the area who wished to remain anonymous. 

One neighbor tells us, "They're very loud. A lot of people can be seen in the shed and house throughout the days and nights."

Another neighbor says, "There are cars that drive up for ten to twenty minutes then leave, it's very suspicious."

The landlord tells us a family of four lives in the home and is paying rent, but those are the only details known.

"We would encourage them to call the police department at 242-6707 and provide any information that they have, but at this point, we're just continuing to investigate to determine what the circumstances surrounding the incident were", says Davidson.

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