1st Street Makeover

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- - 1st Street in Grand Junction, just south of North Avenue, has been a common section of roadway for drivers to complain about for years. However, the city has made a decision to dramatically change things up that will cost a little more than $2 million dollars.
Wednesday night, City Council approved a contract to renovate 1st Street.  “We awarded the construction contract to MA Concrete Construction, here in Grand Junction in the amount of about $2.1 million dollars,” said Trent Prall, Engineering Manager for the City of Grand Junction.
The project will turn the four lane road into two lanes, with a center turn lane, and will also include bike lanes on each side. 
The construction will take place from Ouray to North Street, and the construction which will be more advanced than normal will begin February 21st.  
“We need to actually dig down and reconstruct from the dirt underneath all the way back up to the asphalt,” said Prall.  
The work on the sidewalks and bike lanes will cause construction right in front of businesses on 1st Street, which could impact some customers.  
“People utilize the parking in front of the store more than they would a side street,” said Jason “Cavi” Ornong, Owner and Barber of Cavi Cuts which is located on First Street. 
Some businesses were concerned about the traffic this lane decrease may cause, but the city says that is something this design will be able to handle.  
“This configuration here that we have proposed will work for us up to about 20,000 cars per day and by 2040 we are only anticipating about 14,000 cars per day,” said Prall.  
So no matter how you look at the project, citizens will no longer have to look at all the cracks and potholes in First Street in the near future.  

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