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21st Annual Rose Hill Rally Bike Ride

Raising Money for Rose Hill Hospitality House

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- - The 21st Annual Rose Hill Bike Rally raises money for the Rose Hill Hospitality House on Sunday, May 7.

The Rose Hill Hospitality House is connected with St. Mary's Medical Center, and is a place for people from out of town to stay if a loved one must be hospitalized. "Rose hill hospitality house is a place that offers no benefit for people in Mesa County, but that doesn't mean it's not a benefit to Mesa County," says Ed Lipton, a coordinator behind the event.

For Marcy and Robert Neuman, Rose Hill Hospitality House helped them during a rough time. The couple was visiting Moab when Marcy was airlifted to St. Mary's, and gave birth to their baby Gabriel 3 months early. "For 5 weeks, we had a place to stay. And really a place that gave us the peace of mind, I would say, to be able to not worry about where were going to sleep, and not worry about where our things are. We had enough worry with him," says Robert Neuman, Gabriel's father.

Rose Hill Hospitality House also helped Paul Ferguson when was injured while building a cabin. Rose Hill provided a space for his wife to stay, without having to try and sleep in the hospital room. Ferguson is "originally from Texas, so we're out of state. It was a great benefit for us. Working the Rose Hill Rally is a way to give back," says Ferguson.

The event will raise around $20,000-$35,000 for Rose Hill Hospitality House.

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