7th Annual Western Healthcare Alliance Summit

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.-For the next three days, around 200 health care professionals will be in the Grand Valley for the 7th Annual Western Healthcare Alliance Summit.

That'll include 29 rural healthcare hospitals in Colorado and Eastern Utah.

Organizers say the summit is a way for WHA members to gather and collaborate, receive education and inspiration, and learn healthcare trends.

Attendees range from healthcare CEO's, CFO's, to venders and educators.

Wednesday's discussion centered around the trends and hot topics in rural healthcare.

Organizers say that in this day and age, hospitals can't operate as islands.

"The more we work together, the better our patients are going to receive care," says Angelina Salazar, Vice President Outreach and Communications for WHA.

"So things like population health and trends, electronic health record, how we're sharing data, how we're sharing information to insure that our patients get the right care at the right time and the right kind of care," adds Salazar.

Thursday the summit continues with two major keynote speakers, a corporate partner exhibition, and peer network sessions.

On Friday, the discussion will include how to create a positive work culture.

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