A Career Day for Kids

Rocky Mountain Elementary School Puts On a Career Day for Their Students

CLIFTON, Colo.- - Rocky Mountain Elementary School had a Career Day on Tuesday, March 14th. The day had presenters from a variety of professions, ranging from a veterinarian to an airplane designer.

One of the presenters gave an interactive presentation about chemistry. Brian Grasmick, a chemical engineer for 3M in Montrose, says he enjoys getting to chat with the students. "Presenting to kids is always a blast. It's fun, they want to learn, they want to grow," says Grasmick.

The planning for this day started in November. Organizers were surprised by how many people volunteered to present for career day. "We had more presenters than we needed which was really exciting. And so we actually had some we had to say, 'Can we save you for next year?'" says Jennifer Potter, a first grade teacher at Rocky Mountain Elementary School.

The teachers at the school even took polls from the students about which careers are most interesting to them. Once they received these answers, they selected the occupations for this career day. They hope the day will help students begin to think about their future career. "You guys can do anything you want to do when you grow up, and it's going to take hard work and you can go to college," says Potter.

The students at career day appear to have enjoyed this peek at adult life. "It's really cool to see how things work around our world, and how and what we can be when we grow up," says Chandra Rea, a fifth grade student.

Many at the event agree it is important to get children interested in their future careers at a young age. "At some point, I'm going to retire. Our children are going to be the next ones to take over and to design everything to make life better. And we have to start early or they will never get there. So you have to show interest in them, and then they will bloom," says Grismack.

It seems the career day had an impact on Rea. "I think I might want to be an engineer when I grow up," says Rea.

The teachers at Rocky Mountain Elementary School hope to have another career day next year.

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