Adoption Awareness Month

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Every year, kids living in Mesa County are on the search for their forever homes.

"I've had children as young as a year. I've had children as old as fifteen and sixteen," said Sabrina Blevins, Adoption Worker with Mesa County Public Health.

As a result, Mesa County has officially declared the month of November as Adoption Awareness Month.

"There are so many children who really need some loving homes. We've got so many people in our community with big hearts who I know would love to participate," said Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese.

However, those with Mesa County Human Services said when kids are adopted, there are a certain demographic who are often forgotten.

"We have a void in foster homes who are willing to take older children. It's such an important thing for children to get adopted and we really need those families to step up as well and be willing to take older children and not just the younger children," said Blevins.

They said a main reason for this is due to kids having behavioral problems, such as depression or drug addiction. Yet, they say these issues can develop no matter how young you adopt.

"The child got adopted as a baby, baby was awesome, happy - but then they start to grow up and they start to have depression, suicidal ideations, or struggle with substance abuse," said Blevins.

Those with MCPH said it's important to know what you are getting into before you enter a commitment. Regardless of the struggles, they said the reward of adopting is unlike any other.

"It's kind of an eye opening experience and it's life changing," said Blevins.

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