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Allgood News: Ava King, 6 year-old Elk Call Champ!

Sure Fruita Colorao's Ava King may just be 6 years old... and she likes what young people like at that age - toys, her favorite stuffed animal, even dancing...but Ava...she’s not one to be pigeonholed. She’s also a daddy’s girl, she likes to hunt and get this...She just came in 4th in her group in the World Elk Calling Championships 2018, held in Salt Lake City just a few weeks ago! 


Mom Tiffany says Ava learned to Elk call watching YouTube videos. And after her win... it obviously paid off!

Justin Phelps, a star in the hunting industry...was so impressed with Ava's calling skills he's creating a few designer calls exclusively for Ava!


Here's Ava King's Allgood News Story:


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