Allgood News: 'KORO' Making the Most!

 Koro didn't mean to be an inspiration...he kind of just rolled into the role. The Terrier mix started life with a few strikes against him. First, he only had one eye and ...he and his brother had been put up for adoption.


Enter...Jason Moore. The former military guy was looking for a new dog so he not only adopted Koro, he adopted his brother Chewy, thus creating a wonderful 'bromance' between the three that has lasted the last 16 years. Since that time Koro and his brother have had adventures in several states and cities...but tragedy struck in 2008 when Koro was partially paralyzed with a slipped disc.But, with the help of his owner and 'bestie' Jason...they did some hydrotherapy and got Koro some feeling in his back legs and they got him a little doggie wheelchair of sorts so he could get around! More bad news, Koro lost his brother last year, BUT Koro's positivity and persistence through all that life has thrown his way has been nothing short of spectacular. His attitude has been constant and pretty amazing.

Making the most with what you have and unconditional love, here is Koro's and Jason Moore's ...Allgood News.




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