Allgood News: The Eagle Cane Project

For almost a decade, a group here in the Grand Valley has quietly been lending symbols of support to disabled and wounded veterans. Because we all need someone and something to lean on every now and then. The Eagle Cane Project here on the Western Slope was the brainchild of one Buck Taylor.

Back in 2008, following the model from another group of Woodcarvers in Oklahoma... Buck had the idea to make the 'Eagle Topped Canes' for our Veterans here in Colorado. Since 2008? Buck along with all of his Woodcarver and Woodturner buddies have produced  hundreds of canes for Veterans. 

A symbol of strength and support, the hand carved canes are also a BIG symbol of thanks. Thanks for the sacrifices that these men and women have given for us and our country. 

Buck Taylor along with his Buddy, Howard Martsolf...gave the insight of how the canes are made and ...invited met to one of their very emotional Eagle Cane ceremonies.

Here is their Allgood News:

If you are interested in getting a cane for a wounded or disabled Veteran, please contact Buck Taylor for more information and an application.

His Phone Number is 970-245-8817 




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