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Allgood News - The Grammy Man - John Billings

RIDGWAY, Colo. - John Billings came to Ridgway, Colorado 27 years ago. He brought with him his amazing creative and artistic skills, building a small shop where he makes the music Industry's most coveted award, The Grammy.


John gave me a tour of his nondescript shop in downtown Ridgway. Inside it is filled with music history and not just Grammy Stuff. John is a master craftsman who designs all types of creative art for famous people like Elon Musk and he also designs the John Wooden Award given to the most outstanding Collegiate Basketball Player...Fun fact; He also created one of the most iconic Big Rig Truck Hood ornaments...the Convoy Duck! For the 1976 movie of the same name. It's still one of his biggest sellers!

John loves music, the mountains and making things...and he's been pretty good at if for a long time. 

Here is The Grammy Man's (John Billings) Allgood News Story.

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