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Tony Nelson has been setting up along the side of Mesa County roads for years now. Parking his well signed truck just off the highway. He puts down the tailgate, takes a seat and patiently waits. What's he selling? Not a thing. What he is offering is free of charge and a form of paying it forward. You see, Tony Nelson is grateful to offer a little prayer to anybody who feels they want or need it. He waits, his sign beside the road his calling card...and they come. There has never been a time when somebody didn't need a little lift from one of Tony's roadside missions. And that's how he knows...Prayer works. I wanted to meet the big man who offers this small gesture to strangers. So... I did. And, I asked him why? The question most people want to know ..and he told me. Here is Tony Nelson's Allgood News.

If you'd like to get in touch with Tony Nelson and his 'Draw Nigh, Ministries - Prayer Works. He says just 'give me a call..." here's his number: 970-739-4333

And, you can find him on Facebook: Link:   https://www.facebook.com/Draw-Nigh-Ministries-287494921272195/ 

If you have an Allgood News Story ...Please feel free to Email Me: Dallgood@KREXtv.com

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