AP Capstone Diploma to be Offered at Local School

FRUITA, Colo.- - Approximately 1,000 schools across the world offer an Advanced Placement (AP) Capstone Diploma, and starting this fall, Fruita Monument High School will join this group.

Students at Fruita Monument High School interested in the program start by taking the AP Seminar class. In this class, students do a team project and presentation, as well as completing an individual research based essay and presentation. The following year, students continue with the program by taking the AP Research class where they will write an academic research paper, do a presentation, and then explain their topic further with an oral defense, similar to a college level Masters thesis.

During these classes, students get the opportunity to pick a research topic of their choosing. English Department Chair at Fruita Monument High School, Shanna Miller, said, "students get to pick issues that they're passionate about. It might be an extension of another AP class...it might be a global or local issue."

Officials described, students who receive scores of a 3 or higher in the AP Seminar and AP Research classes, as well as 4 additional AP exams, receive the AP Capstone Diploma. If a student receives scores of a 3 or higher in the AP Seminar and AP Research courses but not on the additional 4 AP exams, they will then receive the AP Seminar and Research Certificate.

Miller also explained benefits to the program including allowing students to distinguish themselves to universities by having the desire to challenge themselves academically.

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