Authorities Receive Trauma Kits

Colo.- - The Colorado Attorney General's office teamed up with Rapid Response Emergency Systems, to provide law enforcement personnel across Colorado, with "trauma kits", and agencies on the Western Slope have officially received them.

The one-time-use kits are filled with items that are designed to treat life threatening injuries and they include combat application tourniquets, gauze packs, gloves, a safety cutter, and compression bandages.

David Dunda, the President and CEO of Rapid Response Emergency Systems says he met with Attorney General Coffman about distributing the trauma kits, because of the increasing amount of law enforcement officers getting killed in the line of duty.

"We talked through a particular way to provide a solution to start to minimize and change the outcome of these types of events" said Dunda.

In response to receiving the kits, Heidi Davidson of the Grand Junction Police Department said "this is a tool that we hope we never have to use, but we're so grateful to be able to supply our officers with these life saving tools that they really need."

More than 50 of these kits have been distributed across Western Colorado to law enforcement agencies, including to the Grand Junction Police Department, the Mesa County Sheriffs Office, Colorado Mesa University, the Fruita Police Department, and the Palisade Police Department.

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