Broadband In The Valley

MONTROSE, Colo. - The Region 10 League for Economic Assistance and Planning has officially begun offering broadband services throughout the Cities of Delta and Montrose.
"It's an open access network that can connect government institutions and also provide carrier neutral locations and we're at one of those right now at the Delta Municipal Light and Power Building," said Chris Kennedy, Region 10 Broadband Project Director.
Three years ago, a request was made to help build a broadband middle network. This comes due to a lack of infrastructure and high speed internet in these areas.
"With the issues that are going on with colemine closures, more reliance on renewable energy, and less on fossil fuels, these economies have taken a turn for the worse," said Kennedy.
However, many believe that this project may just be the answer in turning things around.
"Internet access and internet infrastructure is going to be the key component in being able to recover and diversify their economies," said Kennedy.
"To have affordable and reliable internet for it's citizens and economic stimulus, and to be able to provide for their needs, is a huge factor," said Adam Suppes, Electric Superintendent for the City of Delta.
A factor that continues to grow, regardless of whether families and businesses can afford it.
"We have connected devices in our homes. We have connected devices in our cars. We carry a small computer in our pocket everyday, and that connectivity is not changing. It's not going to lessen, it's going to increase."

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