Can You Hear Me Phone Scam Reaches the Valley

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.-Earlier this week we alerted you about the Can You Hear Me? phone scam.

Now  this nationwide scam has hit the Grand Valley, after one of our viewers received one, and local authorities confirm to us it's happening.

Officials at the Mesa County Sheriff's Office say that this scam is different than most that come to the valley.

Scammers are asking very simple questions to get you to answer "yes."

They record that response and then edit it to make victims sound like they authorized purchases they never made.

Sheriff's Office officials say that this scam is particularly alarming because victims don't even know they're being scammed.

"And they'll do that in a number of creative ways," says Megan Terlecky, the Public Information Officer at MCSO.

"They'll start having a conversation with you, pretend like they can't hear you and say, 'Can you hear me now?' Of course your natural response is to say, yes. Or they'll say, 'Are you a home owner?' 'Are you the person who plays the bills?' 'Are you the head of your household?'," says Terlecky.

Terlecky adds that to protect yourself, you can always let you phone go to voicemail if it's from a number you don't recognize, and make sure your land line and cell phones are signed up for the national do not call registry.

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