Chipeta Elementary Honoring Veterans

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Veterans gave a different kind of lesson to students and faculty at Chipeta Elementary.

On Wednesday, Chipeta Elementary hosted their annual veterans day assembly, where kids had the chance to learn what it's like to serve in the military.

During the event, students were given lessons of where veterans day originated from. They also learned key principals of what it means to serve,  as well as how to thank a veteran for their service.

Lastly, the fifth graders of Chipeta Elementary performed several songs, showcasing their American pride.

"They inspire me. It makes me want to become part of the military. I have other dreams and one of them is to become a military person because of the veterans," said Aiden Johnson, Fifth Grader at Chipeta Elementary.

"A lot of kids don't know that I'm a veteran. When that was said, a lot of gasps occurred in awe. That's powerful because that's hopefully another role model they can look up to," said Assistant Principal Bill Pfaffendorf.

Pfaffendorf said many of the kids could relate to the assembly, as they had family members of their own who had served in the military.

Some of the characteristics they focused on were courage and pride, as these are things the kids are also learning about in school.

He said the veterans day assembly is a day that students and faculty look forward to every year.

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