Closed PODs Drill Prepares Mesa County for Pandemic

What Does One Do During a State of Emergency to Protect Their Family?

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - When a worldwide pandemic strikes, what does one do during a state of emergency to protect their family?

With a drill that they held on Thursday, Hilltop and Mesa County Public Health are at the forefront in the event a pandemic creates pandemonium.

Both Hilltop and MCPH acted as both the screening and health services as part of their drill.

Services provided during the event of a pandemic include distribution of medications, vaccines, and first aid.

The Closed PODs, also known as "Closed Points of Dispensing" work as areas of isolation to quarantine any fatal diseases related to a potential pandemic.

"If it were a real event, we would be responsible for vaccinating and medicating the entire population of Mesa County and we just don't have the numbers to do that because there's a lot of people in this valley. The more Closed PODs we can set up and help organizations like Hilltop set up something like this, the less pressure there is for us to take care of everybody," says Jen Stepleton, the Emergency Preparedness & Response Specialist for Mesa County Public Health.

Mesa County Public Health says by organizations screening and vaccinating their own staff and clients, it helps alleviate the number of people that would need to be seen by doctors and hospitals in the event of an actual pandemic.

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