CMU has Advantage of Access to Sexual Assault Exams

- GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – Colorado Mesa University is the only college in the state to have sufficient access to sexual assault exams.

The community around CMU provides three centers for examinations: Western Slope Center for Children, St. Mary’s Hospital, and Community Hospital.

Campus officials say that an important part of the effort to make sure students receive appropriate care is through collaboration with different agencies.

CMU relies on the partnerships and communication with law enforcement and the local health centers to ensure that each patient has the opportunity to receive a sexual assault exam.

Health officials say that the average age of a student that gets administered an exam is 19.

There are currently only 6 sex assault nurse examiners, or SANE’s, on call as individual contractors.

Officials stress that anybody who has been sexually assaulted has the right to these exams and kits.

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