CMU Reacts to DeVos Campus Assault Policy

GRAND JUNCTION, CO - Recently the U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos stated she wants to rewrite the sexual assault campus guidelines also known as Title XI, but Colorado Mesa University (CMU) says that as of now they will not make any changes to their guidelines.
DeVos has been receiving backlash since her comments on the sexual assault policy the Obama administration presented back in 2011.
"The truth is that the system established by the prior administration has failed too many students," DeVos said.
CMU administration says they will continue to do what is best for their students.
"We are going to continue down this pathway of very carefully figuring out what's the most responsive thing that we can do to protect our students, to support our students and to hold our students accountable," said John Marshall, CMU vice president of student services.
DeVos also stated, "Every survivor of sexual misconduct must be take seriously. Every student accused of sexual misconduct must know that guilt is not predetermined."
CMU administration says they will keep in mind new policies but most importantly is their students safety.
 "Of course we are going to listen to what policymakers in Washington have to say, but the reality is our day to day world isn't going to change all that much," Marshall said.
A CMU student says she appreciates the university putting students needs first.
"If they were to kind of just sweep the violence under the rug and not really do anything about it, I probably wouldn't go here because I wouldn't feel safe enough," said Quinn, CMU student.
The student hopes that with new guidelines to come victims of sexual assault are not faced with challenges when coming forward.
 "If you do the crime, you are convicted of that crime and there's actual evidence of that crime; they should be treated as such," Quinn said.
Quinn would also like DeVos and her administration to keep a few things in mind when creating these new guidelines.
"If it was your daughter, your son, whoever that you are related to you, you wouldn't want something to happen to them and have nothing be done about it. You would want justice for them and for them to be able to have every option for them possible for them to get better, "  Quinn said.
After word spread about DeVos' statement, Arne Duncan who was the Secretary of Education during the Obama administration said, "This administration wants to take us back to the days when colleges swept sexual assault under the rug."

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