CMU's Crowdfunding Platform, MavFunder

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- For the past two years, the CMU Engineering club has participated in the Formula SAE competition, where they build a race car from scratch and compete in various events.

Local engineering students say that it takes quite a bit of money to build their cars and travel to the competition site, but now help is on the way from CMU itself.

CMU officials have implemented their very first crowdfunding platform, called MavFunder.

Formula SAE is a collegiate design competition for engineers.

"To blend their theoretical knowledge of what they learn in the classroom with the practical application of physical building what they designed," says President of the CMU Engineering Club, Morgan Ryan.

The CMU Engineers Club has participated in SAE for the past two years.

"This will be our third year, and also our third car," adds Ryan.

Their second year they placed 52nd out of 100 teams, but their first year didn't go to plan.

"We competed in Michigan with a car that, unfortunately, didn't run because of a lack of funding," adds Ryan.

And Ryan says funding is absolutely critical to their success.

"If we don't have enough funding, the car doesn't get built. It's pretty simple," adds Ryan.

But now officials at CMU have launched their first crowdfunding platform, MavFunder.

"We often have a lot of groups from campus come seeking additional funding for some of their special projects, and so we thought crowdfunding, in concept, would be a great way to do that," says Liz Meyer, Foundations CEO.

"Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, 100% of the proceeds that are raised through MavFunder go to support those projects," adds Meyer.

"It's incredibly helpful that the school has offered to put up this free crowdfunding campaign for clubs, because it takes a little bit of the pressure off of us trying to hunt for sponsorship," says Ryan.

Now these engineering students can focus on following their dreams.

"For us, being automotive geeks and building our own race cars, is kind of a dream come true for a lot of us," adds Ryan.

School officials say it's easy to donate on Mavfunder, and anybody can do it.

Just visit www.supportingcmu.orgmavfunder, scroll down and pick what program you want to donate to.

Only those associated with CME are benefited by Mavfunder, so you know the money will stay local.

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