Colorado National Monument Then & Now

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - While the new year may be starting off, many are looking back as to what 2017 brought them --but for others they're taking a trip back to the early past.

A Fruita history day sparked the idea to Terri Ahern to make black and white photographs of the Colorado National Monument come alive.

"It's brought back lots of memories for people so it's been really fun," said Ahren, part of the Colorado National Monument Association.

Ahern started in July with her husband to capture now photographs in those exact same spots.

"We worked from the east side of the monument to the west side and he would help me check the locations."

The exhibition showcased about 60 photos but with the help of fee collectors some pictures had a little twist to them.  

"This was a tall slender male ranger and she took the photo of tall slender female fee collector. We had an old white car, we put in a current white car," she said as she shows the comparison and contrast of the pictures.

And with Ahern's big imagination she recreated history.

"We backpacked in some plush, stuff animal bison and put in the frame to show 'well now there's no bison there' except we brought these little plush with us. So that was kind of a fun way to add some humor to this."

Some photographs were the ultimate challenge --without the support of her husband she'd be hanging off a cliff.

"So I couldn't really get in front of it, I also didn't want to be behind it on a really thin ledge and I didn't have any room to go this way because there's a big cliff," she explains how she got one of the most challenging pictures.

Today she stands next to her work to showcase not only the natural history but the cultural history as well.

"This time of year we're looking back to maybe last year what happened so we expanded on that to look back over the last 50, 60, 70 years here at the monument as we look forward to this beautiful place we're here to preserve and protect."

 If you missed out, Ahren will be showcasing once again in May during the Fruita history day.

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