Contractors Supportive of Building Fee Increase

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - As the summer construction season ramps up, so will the fees for building and plan reviews in Mesa County.

"We had a situation where we are waiting three weeks out for permits which actually held back a lot of our construction so we couldn't get a lot of our projects out on time." said Shawna Grieger, the Executive Director of the Western Colorado Contractors Association.

With 5 people to permit and 1 Plan reviewers in a given day, those with the county said, they couldn't keep up.

"We're starting to see inspections in the 100-115 range per day, sometimes even more" said Dan Caris, "There was that much activity out there happening that we needed to be able to bring a little bit more focus and resources."

Two more staff members will be added as well as more time at the front desk for any developers that have questions.

Grieger says that building hasn't been drastically up over the last few years,  though 2016 did see a four-year high, but she hopes this will unclog the drain to get the development rolling.

"We'll be able to actually to get those permits through, get production going, have more of those bid opportunities that are coming through in a timely manner." said Grieger.

The increase takes effect July 1st, but will need to be approved by the municipal governments within the county to apply in those jurisdictions.

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