Country Jam Heat Dangers

MACK, Colo. -
With the start of Country Jam on Thursday, June 16, officials said event goers need to be aware of the dangers of heat as they enjoy some live music.
Country Jam representatives said with roughly 80,000 people in attendance throughout this weekend, the realization of hot temperatures associated with little sun coverage needs to be put into perspective.
The Grand Junction Fire Department (GJFD) also wants attendees to remember that if you plan on consuming alcohol, it will dehydrate you a lot faster when standing in the sunlight for a long amount of time.
Sally Lidinsky, Festival Director for Country Jam explained, "it is going to be hot, so we really want everyone to drink a lot of water, stay hydrated, [and] where sunscreen."
"You can dehydrate a lot quicker than you think, especially when you're enjoying great shows and maybe not paying attention to that as much as you normally would," said Community Outreach Specialist with the Grand Junction Fire Department, Ellis Thompson-Ellis.
Another thing to keep in mind, if you or someone else in your party is feeling dizzy, lightheaded, sweating profusely, or has stopped sweating, and these symptoms persist, the GJFD advises to seek medial attention.


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