Coyote Concerns in Mesa County

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - In Mesa County, it's not uncommon to see someone walking one of their furry friends down the road. However, it's not just dogs you may see here on the Western Slope.

"I see them maybe once every week or two," said Dan Loge, Redlands Resident.

Colorado is known for it's wildlife and coyotes are no exception.

"They kind of make their rounds in my backyard and go after the rabbits," said Loge.

Yet, it seems that more and more people are running into these predators than ever before.

"With more people in the state recreating and building homes, the chances of encountering wildlife are growing," said Mike Porras, Public Information Officer with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Those with CPW say it's mating season for coyotes, so they tend to be more aggressive. They're urging residents to take extra precaution when coming face to face with one of these animals.

"You want to stand your ground,  raise your hands above your head, and yell at the coyote to make sure it feels unwelcome," said Porras.

When walking your four legged friends, it's important to protect them as well.

"I'm always aware of the dogs too. I make sure they're leashed when I see a coyote because I don't want a problem," said Loge.

"Coyotes will certainly make a meal of a dog or a cat. You definitely want to make sure you're doing the right thing," said Porras.

The first step to not attracting coyotes in the first place is to not feed them any part of your own meal.

"There are some times when people will feed coyotes and it leads them to being comfortable around people. They can get very aggressive in their search for food," said Porras.

By following these steps, those with CPW say you can enjoy all the natural wonders that Colorado has to offer.

"That's really what it's all about out here is just enjoying nature and wildlife," said Loge.

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