CyberStrong Program Teaches Children Safety on the Internet

Teaching Mesa County Children How to Navigate the Internet Safely

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Cyberbullying, hacking, and identity theft are all realities you can face when surfing the web.

For those parents looking to educate their children to navigate the internet safely, the CyberStrong program is here for Mesa County families to teach them how to safely use the internet and social media.

The sessions will be lead by Elizabeth Clark, a licensed professional counselor in the Grand Junction area, to present simple solutions to promote positive cognitive, social, and emotional development for children who use the internet and social media.

The first session is Monday at 6 p.m. at the Mesa County Central Library.

This program is free to the public but they recommend registering in advance at, or by calling them at (970) 243-4442.

News Channel Five and are also helping parents keep kids safe online.

It's called the Cyber Safe Parent Resource Center and you can find it by going to and clicking on the Cyber Safe Parent logo.

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