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D51 Healthy Lunch Workshop

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - If you're a parent it's probably been a while since you last had a school lunch. This weekend some parents went back to school to try out the latest meals and food students are eating nowadays.

Action For Healthy Kids --a national non-profit and District 51 teamed up to create a healthy school food and physical activity culture.

Parents attended a meeting where they were provided with lunches their students eat to understand what District 51 is doing to help bring less processed meals to their kids.

Those who attended are looking for this kids to have more than just healthy food. They're wanting a more positive atmosphere in school, lots of physical activity and understanding where the food comes from.

"The amount of work and focus that's been going into healthy nutrition especially local Colorado, it's a big deal. I think for all the people that live in Colorado it's very home-based state and for us to be able to source locally is a big deal," said Zach Vogel, parent of a D51 student.

Action For Healthy Kids says in order to keep healthy nutrition in schools sustainable and durable a school health team should be established.

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