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D51 Students Get A Glimpse of the Future

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Eighth grade students from District 51 caught a glimpse of the future as a way to help them start mapping out their career paths.

While students were not actually able to saw down a metal plate or give CPR to someone with a pulse --they got to explore a wide range of potential career opportunities.

Nevaeh, a student at Grand Mesa middle school, her eyes and ears were drawn to a world of costumes and masks.

"That seems really interesting because I've done music, and art," she said.

The student who wishes to one day pursue a career in the performing arts says the field is far more than just a piece of art work.

"Kind of get to show people how you're feeling or what's going on with you or the world."

But for KayLeigh Walker, her acceptance towards the Central High School STEM Program, has guided her to consider a career in science and technology.

"I've always been really good at science and stuff and it's just a really interesting topic," said Walker.

Fascinated by 3D printing and engineering, she plans to be prepared for the next steps in life.  

"It helps me think of what classes will set me on the right future goal."

While both girls may have different fields they may want to pursue in the future, they both agree it's beneficial to learn about other careers.

"There's so many different things that I could do. I don't want to set on a career right now and then not be interested in it later," said Nevaeh.

Walker added, "I want to explore some other career paths and see if there's anything else that sparks me."

Before these students graduate they will talk to counselors about ICAP --Individual Career and Academic Plan --to guide students to what classes they're recommended to take in high school.

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