DACA demonstration in Grand Junction

GRAND JUNCTION, CO - Nationwide rallies and demonstration are taking place in support of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals also known as the DACA program. 
Today in specific the program reaches its five year anniversary but it is being threatened.
Nearly 800,000 students benefit from DACA which has benefited over 17,000 Coloradans.
Community members gathered outside of the Wayne Aspinall Federal building earlier in support of keeping the program.
 "They are here and they are working so hard, harder than I would even have to think about in order to send their kids to school, in order for them to achieve an education and that's just the bare minimum that DACA provides it doesn't give them access to federal aid," said Emmanuel Cisneros, student at Colorado Mesa University.
Ten states leading with Texas have threatened to take administration to court unless the program comes to an end.
As of now the program faces a deadline of September 5th. 
"If we remember DACA students were brought in by their parents undocumented and so the stress about deportation of some of their family members etc. is always a concern," said Tom Acker, President Hispanic Affairs Project.
The program benefits immigrant youth by giving them the opportunity to stay within U.S. territory and have access to achieve a higher education. 

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