Dinosaur Exhibition Makes Local Stop

FRUITA, Colo. -
A new monstrous exhibition that has traveled to 11 other locations around the U.S. has made it's only Colorado stop to the Museums of Western Colorado's Dinosaur Journey.
Scientists said Titanoboa: Monster Snake lived in the Paleocene era about 5.5 million years after an steroid wiped the dinosaurs out.
Paleontologists found vertebrae in northern Columbia where 28 individuals of Titanoboa were found stretching up to 48 feet long and 26 inches in diameter.
Dinosaur Journey's Curator of Paleontology, Dr. Julia McHugh, said this is an exciting exhibition to have and she can't wait to see the reactions once individuals see the snake up close. "We were able to get her in, and get her in, in a very impactful way. So when you round that corner, you are face-to-face with Titanoboa, the monster snake, and it is a wow moment," said McHugh.
The Titanoboa: Monster Snake will be on display for the public at Dinosaur Journey starting this Friday, May 19th at 9 A.M, and will continue until August 5th. In recognition of National Museums Month, admission is free May 19th, after that date, regular admission prices will resume after this date of: $9 for adults, $7 for seniors, $5 for children, $25 for immediate family groups, and free to members.


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