Discussions About Reproductive Healthcare

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.-A group defending the civil rights and liberties of all Coloradans made the first stop in their state wide tour right here in Grand Junction.

There was a discussion about the current landscape for reproductive rights in the state legislature.

Attendees were encouraged to share their own stories and thoughts about reproductive health and access.

The Public Policy Director of ACLU says that some battles never stay won.

"Here we are 44 years after the decision in Roe v. Wade, which gave women an absolute right to an abortion. We're seeing that access to abortion and to the right to reproductive rights being attacked on a regular basis," says Denise Maes.

While in Grand Junction, ACLU officials are asking women if they're having difficulty accessing needed reproductive healthcare.

"If so, we want to hear their story and see if there's something we can do to address it on a state wide basis," adds Maes.

According to Maes, reproductive healthcare is being limited.

"Our point is we're sort of tired of talking about abortion in the context of choice and no choice. The fact of the matter is, if women have a choice but don't have access to it, then choice becomes irrelevant," says Maes.

The ACLU of Colorado believes that reproductive healthcare is considered healthcare.

"And women deserve open access to that. So we just want to make sure that in all parts of the state, whether its rural, urban, suburban communities, that all women have access to this type of healthcare," says Maes.

The ACLU of Colorado is the state's oldest civil rights organization.

To learn more about them and their mission, you can visit.www.aclu-co.org.

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