District 51 Donates Chromebooks for Three Area Schools

A Hefty Donation of $26,400 Towards Chromebooks for Students

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - The spirit of giving doesn't end there, this year, the District 51 Foundation is donating $26,400 towards new Google Chromebooks for three different area schools.

The celebration of the contribution took place this afternoon at Mt. Garfield Middle School giving students the chance to check out some of the new Chromebooks before heading home for the day.

Student excitement was buzzing with many students sharing their appreciation of the district.

Some also shared what they're interested in researching with their new computers.

"I want to thank them because technology has grown in our community and in the world and it's very important", says Taylor Bales an 8th-grade student at Mt. Garfield Middle School.

"I'm really interested in these Chromebooks because I'm interested in 'what's happened in the past?' and 'what's going on in the present?'", says Alivia Sanchez a 6th-grade student at the middle school.

Redlands Middle School, Orchard Mesa Middle School, and Mt. Garfield Middle School were the recipients of the funding to purchase the Chromebooks.

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