Dreamers & Inside Out Project Promote Action Over Inaction

Sending a Message Through the Form of Art to Federal Representitives

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Dreamers in the Grand Valley are looking to turn dreams into reality by using art as a medium to send a message to our federal representatives around the nation.

The Inside Out Project want Colorado representative Scott Tipton to become more involved when it comes to Dreamers in Colorado and around the nation.

The DACA deal deadline quickly approaches on December 8th with a potential government shutdown, and many Dreamers around the nation are assembling at various locations in the U.S. to send the message of "action over inaction" to our federal representatives in Washington D.C.

"I am very pleased now to hear that our two senators from the state of Colorado are working on a bipartisan Dream Act of 2017, and I can only hope that our words today, along with other words from people of Colorado, will influence our Congressman Scott Tipton to also get in line and sponsor this bill", says Mayor Rick Taggert for the City of Grand Junction.

The medium used to send this message is art, which many of the Inside Out Dreamers believes brings people together rather than dividing them.

"If you participate in this, you understand that Dreamers aren't just a political talking point, right? It's not just a policy issue. These are people that work with you, that are your friends, your family, that serve in our military, that pay taxes. They're really just like you are like we are", says Paola Ramos a Spokesperson for the Inside Out Project.

A mobile photo booth allows supporters of Dreamers to take a portrait of themselves where its then sealed to the side of FACTORY on Main Street to show solidarity amongst community members of all different races, heritages, religions, and cultures.

"There's lots of fear and it's sad to see families like this. It's sad, and it worries the community itself. But there's one thing I can guarantee you, the whole community is with you, guys", says Jorge Pantoja the President of the Western Colorado Latino Chamber of Commerce.

"Us as Dreamers we're here to become better people, not just because we want to because it's our own will to become better. As a Dreamer as well, it's not just for us, it's for everyone in else in this country, the United States", says Mario Brave a Dreamer and a Senior at Grand Junction High School.

More than 17,000 DACA recipients live here in Colorado and removing these DACA workers would result in an estimated loss of $857,000,000 dollars from Colorado's economy per year.

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