Education Remains a Top Priority in Grand Junction

The Grand Junction Economic Partnership’s 2030 Vision survey is over, and now that GJEP has those results, it can answer an important question going forward…what’s next?
The results show many residents value our future leaders. “Our community continues to support education they support D-51 and CMU which is really important,” said Barbara Traylor Smith, Grand Junction City Council member. 
Bringing more funding to Grand Junctions K-12 schools finished first on the list, followed by getting more students to Colorado Mesa University.  With the funding issue in K-12, GJEP has a few ideas on what to resolve. 
“Improve infrastructure for some of our schools, as well as provide more professional development for our teachers,” said Cilia Kohn, Marketing Director of GJEP.
Having more funding can also increase the amount of days, Elementary students can spend more time learning. 
“Right now, we are about 15 days behind the average number of days we should be in school,” said Kohn. 
So now that GJEP has these numbers, they will work with multiple groups to create a plan towards those priorities.
“Put together a plan for the 2030 vision, a physical document that outlines some measurable goals and next steps on how we can achieve all those objectives,” said Kohn. 
To improve the community, it will take a community effort. “If we can get a bunch of people moving a few rocks up the hill and 2030 is very doable for these projects,” said Smith. 


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