Emergency drill Tomorrow

Drill will take place in Public Health and Workforce Center

GRAND JUNCTION, CO - City and law enforcement officials would like to let you know about a simulated emergency drill scheduled for tomorrow. 
The drill will take place in the Public Health and Workforce Center and officials don't want you to be alarmed by all the commotion that will likely take place. 
The drill is scheduled to start around 8 a.m. and will go until about 4 p.m. 
It's unclear what the drill is and the reason being is because officials would like those involved to handle the situation as if it were real. 
Organizers say the drill is a priority and handled with care because it's the only time city officials can practice and think about dangerous situations under pressure. 
"A drill that allows us the opportunity to work with some other agencies and organizations in the county so that we can best prepare, practice, hone our skills for a critical incident in our community," said Heidi Davidson, PIO Police Department.
The drill is put together months in advance and even scripted so it feels real but planned with caution so no real injuries take place.
Due to the amount of preparation these drills only happen once if not every other year. 

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