Firefighter Recruit Training

Second Largest Class of Recruits for Fire Department

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- - The second largest group of firefighter recruits for the Grand Junction Fire Department practices putting out a car fire on June 15.

The 16 recruits have both classroom sessions and physical exercises, like putting out the car fire. Many say they appreciate the opportunity to become a firefighter. "I always admired firefighters growing up. I thought it was such a neat career that, you know, you get to go and put out fires for a living and help others for a living," says Reece Stanley, one of the firefighter recruits.

Other recruits say the camaraderie formed between the recruits is a benefit of the training. "An unbelievable experience, I still have trouble believing it when wake up every morning. But it's absolutely amazing, and I am excited to come to work every single day," says Casey Mays, one of the firefighter recruits. 

The training will continue next week, with sessions ranging from water rescue to rope rescue. The recruits still have around four more weeks of training. 


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