Forgotten Pictures of Ted Bundy Found in Safe

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. - Tucked away in the office of the Post Independent newspaper in Glenwood Springs, is a black safe which one knew what was inside.  That all changed when a local locksmith opened it up, and they discovered forgotten pictures of a man who shocked the nation. 
It’s safe to say, that old safe in the Post Independent office has been an afterthought.
“We use it more or less as counter space,” said Randy Essex, Editor of the Post Independent. 
However, the intrigue of what was inside ran through the minds of the staff for years, as the safe sat in the corner. 
“We’ve wondering what was in there, assumed nothing, and been told no one would be able to open it,” said Essex.
Actually one person could open it, his name was Wayne Winton.  He discovered the safe when he dropped by to help get the word out about his locksmith business. 
“Came in and was going to place an ad, with the Post Independent, wanted to place an ad and saw it while it was waiting,” said Winton.  
The safe ended up taking all his attention, and as the curiosity started to set in, he started asking the staff questions. 
“Have you guys used it, does it work, is it open, what do you know about it, and no body really knew anything and so I threw it out there, we will open up for you if you want to check it out,” said Winton. 
After getting permission to crack the safe, Winton got it open with three hours of work.  They found things like floppy disks and old documents.  They then checked the top right drawer of the safe, and the small newspaper was in for a big surprise. 
“We came upon some envelopes that were marked New Years baby, and fatal accident, and Bundy Capture,” said Essex.
A picture is worth a thousand words, and for Essex, he only needed six to describe what he saw.  “Oh my gosh Ted Bundy pictures,” said Essex.
An envelope from 1977 held forgotten pictures of the infamous serial killer, Ted Bundy.  The pictures came from when he was awaiting trial for the murder of a Snowmass woman. 
After reviewing the pictures, the facial expressions are what really caught the attention of Essex.  “He’s got this smile on his face and it’s just really sickening,” said Essex.
Bundy was executed in 1989, but these pictures service as a chilling reminder of the man who once terrified Pitkin and Garfield county.
“He preyed on young women, and ultimately confessed to killing 30 people, it's thought that he killed more than that,” said Essex.
The staff is currently weighing what to do with the pictures, including just putting them back into the safe. 

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