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Fruita Turns On Irrigation Water

FRUITA, Colo. - Good news for those of you who live in Fruita. Soon you'll be able to start watering your lawn with irrigation water.

The Grand Valley Irrigation Company has turned on their irrigation water --servicing Fruita homeowners--after filling their canals for the past week to flush out any trash.

The water that is unsafe to drink is a way to save treated water from being used on a lawn or garden.

The system is for those who live within the core areas of Fruita.

Those outside the designated area have their own distribution from their homeowners' association.

Historically, residents could have purchased shares of water from the irrigation canal company but as residential areas continue to develop, utility providers are able to deliver irrigation water to residents.

"Irrigation canals, systems in the Grand Valley are huge part of the water conservationist efforts that we've come to enjoy about this area and help us from using treated water for our landscaping and yards," said Ken Haley, Public Works Director. 

If you live south of Aspen Street you should have received your irrigation water by April 16. Those who live north of Aspen Street will receive theirs April 17.

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