George Brauchler Shares his plans for the Western Slope if Elected State Governor

GRAND JUNCTION, CO - Republican candidate George Brauchler made his way to the Grand Valley on Friday to discuss what plans he has for the Western Slope.
Brauchler says that over the years he has observed the state have a governor only for the Denver area and says he is ready to take on the position and be a governor for the state as a whole.
For the Western Slope in particular he acknowledges that the economy here is still struggling, but says he's ready to help our western counties come out the recession.
He also mentions that some of his core values include helping businesses grow by diversifying the local economy and bringing in more businesses that will generate more traffic.
"Until we figure out how to make this economy about more than just energy it's just going to see the ups and downs in such a staggering way like we are seeing right now. I think there are steps a governor can take to try and encourage businesses to relocate out here, to hire more people and provide training to transition for some of the energy jobs to the new industries that are going to crop out here, " said Brauchler.
Brauchler also says he does not agree with DACA students losing the right to be here and achieve higher education. Therefore, he hopes congress can come up with a solution to this ongoing situation. 
He also feels that being republican will not impact his chances of losing, being that the current governor is a democrat.

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