Giving to Charities After The Holidays

Giving to Charities After The Holidays

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Many people give to local non-profit organizations during the holidays, but does that last all year?

Marcus Beasley went to see if the holiday donations are enough to last the year, or if they need more donations throughout the year to survive.

Most charities see a spike in donations around the holiday season, but that doesn't mean they don't need donations throughout the year.

"To rely on donations from one month, that would make me ill, just because it's too much. As a non-profit you just have to be constantly looking at funding sources, funding options. You know, a lot of your individual donations are coming in during the holiday time. It doesn't mean that we don't still ask this time of year."

The donations at the end of the year really do help out non-profits, but at the same time, they need donations throughout the rest of the year to make sure they can survive and keep their doors open.

"Yeah, we can't survive on just those end of the year donations. we have to have monthly donations."

Most non-profits run year around, so the month to month donations is what really helps them throughout the year.

"Yes, we do things every month, you know, two, three, four times a month, and all of those do include providing our families with groceries, and when I say groceries, we give away three to five hundred pounds of groceries every week."

These donations do more than keep these organizations open. It actually brings to community together.

"Non-profits rely on the community, but it's not just for money. It's impacting our community. the more our community supports what all of us are doing, the bigger, better, stronger, faster we're all going to be."

If you're thinking about donating to a charity or non-profit organization, right now is a great time, because they can use the money and donations throughout the rest of the year.

"In January, especially, is a really good time to start doing some research, and decide where you do want to give. a monthly check, it means the world to us."

Any donation, any time of year really helps out these non-profit organizations.

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