GJ Company Leading Global Utility Mapping Industry

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - A Grand Junction company, Prostar Geocorp, is leading the world in making cities smarter and they're starting the program in its home city.

The program takes different system maps from things like gas lines, utility lines, where sewage and drainage pipes run, as well as internet and electrical lines and combines them into one.

""We're able to see what's called a conflated view of all the data that's coming through." Page Tucker, CEO of Prostar said.

The maps, which are likely the only ones of its kind, can lead to better efficiency in city planning or planning of new building construction. By allowing mapping of things like gas pipes or electrical lines to within a centimeter, it can lead to more efficient use of land and safer construction practices. 

"[In the field] is where the information in some cases needs to be presented which is out in the field so that your field workers, your excavators can make more timely and intelligent business decisions." Tucker said.

Tucker is launching a pilot program with the maps in Grand Junction, using data from the city's departments, the 811 "Call before You Dig" program and the Colorado Department of Transportation to give an idea of what's on the ground and also, what's below.

The program has earned the company honors and recognition from around the State of Colorado, but they're turning international heads as well.

"New York, London and Singapore." Tucker says, "What's happening in these cities that are congested, in some cases over populated, they're having a hard time building up because they're starting to run out of room, and so they actually want to look at building down."

Projects across the globe, Tucker hopes come back to the company's headquarters. He thinks showing other tech companies what his is doing will create an attractive business environment for other technology companies.

"The jobs are very high paying jobs. This area has been very dependent on the energy industry and with technology, it would allow us to diversify." Tucker said.

Prostar works with Colorado Mesa University's engineering department for internships and District 51's CareerWise Program to give local kids in the next generation and leg-up and a foot-in the industry.



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