Grand Junction Establishes a Travler's Aid Fund

It's intended to help the homeless without passing the problem to other areas

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - The steady number of displaced or homeless individuals in Grand Junction has city leaders exploring new possible solutions.

The city's homelessness and vagrancy committee met this past fall, and came up with 11 ideas— one of those ideas has just been implemented.

The Traveler's Aid Fund would provide a bus ticket for an individual who has family or a job in another community but no means to get there.

"Sometimes we don't always make the best decisions in life and we had that opportunity available, it would reunite families and that's a joyous thing." said Donnie Andres, who we spoke with at the Grand Junction Catholic Outreach.
The city has fronted the first $2,000. The money is help at Hilltop Community Resources so any resident can donate to the program and even receive tax deductions for it.
The Grand Junction Police Department will help in the referral and vetting process as the city's aim is to not just pass the homeless to another community.

"It's incredibly important to us that this is properly vetted." said Heidi Davidson, with the Grand Junction Police Department, "We don't appreciate it when other communities just ship off their 'problems' to our community and that certainly is not something we are going to do either."

The GJPD will confirm the existence of family members or employment. Residents are referred by officers and organizations interacting with homeless such as grand junction catholic reach and homeward bound.

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