Grand (Silicon) Valley

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- - Denver is currently a booming technology hub, but one local business is looking to make technology a much bigger part of Grand Junction’s economy.   Local tech company ProStar Geocorp is working to get international companies to expand their operations to the Grand Valley.  
“The goal is I’m trying to create a technology hub right here in Grand Junction,” said Page Tucker, CEO of ProStar Geocorp. 
Tucker wants to create new jobs centered around technology.  “Grand Junction has pretty much been somewhat dependent on the energy industry and I want to make it a little more diversified,” said Tucker.  
So on Thursday, Tucker held a meeting with two tech companies from Canada, who envision expanding their businesses to America, with operations in Grand Junction.  
“There is also a lot of talent here, it’s kind of like a hidden gem,” said Paul McKenzie CEO of NexOptic, a company that makes high tech lenses for things like smartphones to medical imagine devices.  
NexOptic is currently working with ProStar on a mapping project for Mars, and is hoping to expand operations to the Grand Valley.  
“We’ve kind of got a foothold here and now, we want to kind of keep expanding it so I see us definitely having a bigger and bigger presence here,” said McKenzie. 
DeepMarkit, a game tech company, who also attended the meeting, has also been working with ProStar and NexOptic and is also hoping to expand to Grand Junction which would cause tech jobs to follow.
“Our previous company we went from 12 employees to well over 100 employees in the game space, very successful it was acquired and we’re just starting that again we can see lots of jobs being created,” said Ranjeet Sundher, EVP of Corporate Development of DeepMarkit.  
Tucker thinks the Grand Valley could turn into a tech hub within the next few years.  “I think we could be recognized as a technology hub on the Western Slope within 5 years,” said Tucker.

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