Grand Valley Brews Up Some Charity

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - The organizations that participated in the Grand Valley Gives rally --took their efforts to a local brewery to not only raise funds, but to spread awareness. 

This day is an opportunity for these organizations to increase awareness, connect with supporters, and for those who want to make a donation they have the ability to support as many charities as they want to, even if its not in the local community.

Support, donations, collaboration...33 non-profit charities team up to raise awareness for local giving, but for one organization, this year's participation was a first.

"It's just a way to encourage the arts and encourage music and young children," explains Jeremy Herigstad, with the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra.

He decided he wanted to reap in one of the largest one-day giving movements in the country.

"We wanted to join together with other non-profits, ones that are much smaller than us, ones that are bigger than us, and just say 'we realize the importance of any kind of non-profit.'"

Colorado Gives Day is a 24-hour period for different communities to donate online to statewide charities.

Mary Hughes, part of the Colorado West Land Trust explained the funding --"raising awareness for the need in our community, we've got a lot of organizations who are helping people, helping animals, taking care of our land."

And though several charities are fighting for the extra dollar, its all for a greater cause.

"For us to come together and say we recognize that you reach a different part of the community and we reach a different part is just saying we support each other."

The fundraiser was also a chance to crack a beer --the Kannah Creek Brewery tapped a new brew to help raise funds.  

"We've been the recipient of the first Monday of December and all the non-profits are part of the Grand Valley gives collaboration will split those funds."

Herigstad hopes from the Grand Valley is not only to collect these profits, but enrich people through symphonic music

"Turns them into musicians, turns them into supporters of symphonies where they live, and just develop music in people...that's what we hope to do."

Colorado Gives Day begins at 12 a.m. Tuesday and will go on for 24 hours. If you would like to donate, you can head to


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