Hiker Treks 3 year Journey

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - A New York native walks in to the Grand Valley this week - on a trek to get people to be more aware of our country's natural beauty.

10 years ago Blake Robinson hiked the Appalachian Trail and it changed his life.

"I always feel the happiest on these backpacking trips, so with just one backpack on my back...It's just the freedom of it" he said as he embarks on his adventure.

Today he continues a long-awaited journey that will take him 20,000 miles across the country.

"Kind of go with the flow, how my body's feeling or if I feel good I can go further or if I don't feel as good I'll go slower"

A self-mapped trail will connect him to all 47 national parks in the United States -- approximately 3 years to complete --all human powered.

"Don't get me wrong, I do like TV, I like computers, my phone, but I also think it's very important to kind of unplug a little bit"

For the past 3 years he has been saving up and selling his belongings to take off on foot.

"Buy food at Costco, always eat at my house, and then I worked three different jobs"

Walk The Parks is a conservation movement to provide a positive story to encourage people to go outside, enjoy the beauty the world has to offer and to chase their dreams!

"It's actually really nice, I end up reading a lot and I edit photos and kind of reflect the day, I write journals everyday"

Along the way Blake has encountered wildlife, met people from around the globe, and come across some of the most scenic views mother nature has created.

"So a lot of moose and then just the other day in Mesa Verde National Park I saw a bobcat, that's really cool"

He started in Yellowstone National Park, is down 3 months and 1800 miles, and is now headed towards Utah and Arizona.

"Did make a last minute call into the Telluride to take a higher route and I happen to choose it on a day of a snowstorm"

And although some people may be curious when they see hikers on the road, he says you should stop and say hello.

"I would encourage people to try and reach out and try to meet new people"

He will resume his journey as he begins his walk through the Kokopelli trail -- about a 150 mile hike to Moab.

If you want to keep up with Blake's adventure you can go to walktheparks.com or look him on social media, below are a list of his social media:

Facebook: facebook.com/walktheparks

Instagram: instagram.com/walktheparks/

YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCthBP9DIEDh4gDaNwOnzEgw/videos

Twitter: twitter.com/walktheparks

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