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Home explosion leaves family without home

One person was in the property, they were not injured.

GRAND JUNCTION, CO - A Clifton family is without a home this evening after their home explodes early this morning. "Crews did find debris about a quarter of a mile away," said Chief Charles Balke, Clifton Fire Protection District.
No one was hurt during the incident, which occurred just before 2 a.m. this morning when the Clifton Fire Department responded to a house explosion on 550 block of 30 Road. 
Officials say the explosion could have been caused by a gas leak around the meter but an investigation is taking place to find the exact cause. 
It is unknown if there were any fires involved but upon the arrival of the Fire Department the entire house on the property was destroyed. 
The owner of the property says he was in the garage when the incident happened. 
The explosion did not damage the structure he was in and he has no injuries. 
The people who live in the house were in Denver at the time the explosion occurred. 
Xcel Energy Company has assessed the area and they say they didn't find any issue that would have caused the incident on their end. 
"We don't know what led to the house explosion at this point and time. That is still being investigated but the gas leak that had been referred to earlier was due to the actual house explosion displacing the meter and causing a gas leak at that time. We are not indicating that there was a prior gas leak that caused the house explosion," said Balke.
Officials say they did receive reports regarding a gas smell around the area before the explosion but no calls had been made to 911.
Fire crews say the gas leak did not affect any other homes in the neighborhood.

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