Homewardbound Christmas Donations Helping Less Fortunate

'Tis the Season of Giving

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Tis' the season of giving, so how about giving back to those less fortunate people living on our Grand Valley streets?

Many donations are needed to allow Homewardbound to continue helping those who utilize the services they offer.

From everyday life necessities like a toothbrush to seasonal items like mittens, the organization needs donations to provide for those who need an extra hand.

These contributions are those that Homewardbound says not only benefits the recipients but the donors as well.

"It gives you a gift of purpose and satisfaction knowing that you've helped or touched one person. Even making the change in one person's life can be really impactful to them for just getting through the day", says Heather Ripley, the Director of Development & Planning at Homewardbound.

Such items include shampoo, razor, paper towels, and toilet paper for hygienic needs, but also sugar, coffee, cereal, and non-drowsy cold medication for food and health.

Seasonal items include neck & hand warmers, mittens & hats for children, along with candy canes, cookies, and other holiday treats to help lift spirits of those staying at Homewardbound.

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