Hopewest Launches Children's Grief Awareness Month

Showing Children Suffering with Grief that They are Not Alone

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - When children grieve it's not always apparent.

Many children become reclusive when going through difficult times which is why Hopewest is launching Children's Grief Awareness Month as a way to remind people of the Grand Valley that every child has a story to tell.

Many of these stories can be found in the form of a quilt created by grieving children from around the Grand Valley.

This quilt depicts the loss of family members and friends to show how important they are to that child.

Hopewest believes the quilt serves as a way children can express support for other grieving kids in our community, and let them know that they're not alone.

"I think a lot of times when you know that someone has died in their life and that was important to them is to check in with them. Mainly kids just really want to be listened to, not to tell them how to grieve because their no 'one way' to grieve", says Pat Lewis, a Grief Counselor at Hopewest.

Hopewest will feature the quilt built by children around the Grand Valley at the downtown ANB Bank, Alpine Bank, Hopewest Hospice Care Center, and Mesa Mall.

Visit www.hopewest.org to find out more and how to participate in future events that benefit children of the Grand Valley.

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