Jump Start Job Fair Boot Camp

The Boot Camp Prepares Those Seeking Jobs for the Job Fair

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- - The Jump Start Job Fair Boot Camp was held at the Mesa County Workforce Center on Friday, March 17th. This is an event held to help prepare individuals for the Jump Start Job Fair, which is on Tuesday, March 21st.

The boot camp hosts many Human Resources professionals that give presentations on topics like how to compose a resume, navigate the application process, and answer tough interview questions. All of these workshops can be helpful for those seeking a new job. Many of the presenters see the benefit of these sessions as well. "It's just another opportunity to put more tools in your toolbox. Find out what's going on out there with employers, what are they looking for, how do you write that resume, and how do you present yourself," says Darla Fortner, the Director of HR at Enstrom's Candies and a presenter at the boot camp. 

Celina Kirnberger, the Business Services Supervisor for the Mesa County Workforce Center, says this boot camp is important for the attendees. The most recent unemployment rate is for January "and it was 5.8% in Mesa County, which is quite a bit higher than what the state is at," says Kirnberger. "The job market is competitive. There's a lot of people out there looking for work, and so getting these tips from those people that are doing the hiring - who else would you want to hear that information from. So it gives you a leg up in the recruiting process to put you above the rest of your competition," says Kirnberger. 

Taking the unemployment rate into consideration, the tips given by the professionals may be really beneficial to applicants. These include writing "in the active voice. Don't just tell them what you did, tell them what you did well, what you accomplished," says Dean Harris, an attorney for Bechtel and Santo. 

Harris also says there are some unique ways to make a resume stand out from the rest. "I find volunteer work to be really excellent on a resume. Because it not only shows you have some additional experience, it shows you have a certain amount of commitment to the community," says Harris.

All of this is in preparation for the actual job fair on Tuesday. "Bring copies of your resume, dress professionally, [because] you definitely could get an on-site interview on the day of the job fair," says Kirnberger. 

The Mesa County Workforce Center also holds a job fair in the fall called Job Fest, which will also have a boot camp session leading up to it.

Connecting Colorado is the state job searching website that will contain new jobs as they are posted. Go to this link to register, and using this login will get you inside the job fair a little bit quicker.

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